Make Them Know Your Name

The mission for the Make Them Know Your Name Foundation (MTKYN) is to help prevent heart related fatalities in communities across the nation. We are going to accomplish this by providing the resources necessary to educate people in the various aspects of Heart Health.

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“Heart disease remains America’s #1 cause of death which highlights the urgent need for prevention and treatment.”


Denzel Ward honored as Browns Man of the Year for his work in the community


Who We Are

Make Them Know Your Name (MTKYN) is a heart health foundation propelled by individuals and organizations willing to take action to positively impact the heart disease epidemic. Denzel Ward and his family experienced first-hand the unexpected loss of their patriarch, Paul G. Ward Jr., to cardiac arrest while he participated in a spin class. He was 46 years old. His premature death left behind a purpose and a legacy to carry on.


How MTKYN started

Denzel’s mom, Nicole Ward, tells us more about the origins and mission of MTKYN. 

MTKYN x WOVU radio interviews


Our Partners

“We really enjoyed our AED/CPR training from MTKYN Foundation and learned so much from the experience. Safety is a big part of our culture at Union Home Mortgage, and this training made our Partners more comfortable with our emergency action process. We were also able to add more AEDs throughout our campus buildings to protect us long-term. As a bonus, it turned out to be a great bonding experience for everyone. This is an excellent resource for businesses who prioritize safety!”

-Bill Cosgrove, Union Home Mortgage