The mission for the Make Them Know Your Name Foundation (MTKYN) is to help prevent heart related fatalities in communities across the nation. We are going to accomplish this by providing the resources necessary to educate people in the various aspects of Heart Health.


Our vision is to positively change the outcome of cardiac episodes in communities across the United States, beginning locally here in Ohio. The foundation will create, assist and support heart healthy solutions with a focus on education, prevention management and treatment initiatives. Special emphasis will be placed on training and developing educational programs at venues such as gyms, health clubs, training studios and other public facilities. We believe that knowledge, training, and building the confidence to take action has the power to save lives and protect families from unnecessary loss that’s oftentimes a preventable or rectifiable cardiac situation.

“My Dad believed that a person’s name was everything, and that it was that person’s responsibility to make sure his name stood for something.”

Each one of us can make a difference. But together we can make change.”

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We seek to partner with organizations to provide education focused on heart health to members & employees of local gyms, health clubs, training studios, schools and any other public facilities.


MTKYN is passionate about preventing heart-related episodes from becoming fatal. Our fundraising efforts will go towards that mission by providing defibrillators to gyms, training studios, schools, and other public facilities, as well as promoting our other heart-health initiatives. 


We know how important it is to focus on cardiovascular health before a tragedy happens, and we hope to join the mission of organizations whose aim is to keep our communities active, educated, and healthy.

Our Team

Denzel Ward


Nicole Ward

Executive Director

Paul Ward III